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Top Tips for Communication

Communication is all about sending and receiving messages, usually in the form of conversations or requests etc.  If someone has a communication difficulty, we need some extra help to get those messages across.

This will need a bit more effort and thought from those involved, but if communication is improved, it will be worth it!

Try the following:

  • always have a pen and paper with you to write down key words or draw pictures;
  • use props – photos, books, items around the home to stimulate communication;
  • use exaggerated tone of voice, facial expression and gesture to get your point across;
  • give the other person time to think about what they want to say – use the silence;
  • ask specific questions to focus and give context;
  • stick to one idea per sentence – keep it simple;
  • DON’T WORRY IF YOU BOTH DON’T GET IT AT FIRST! Take a break and try again later…NEVER pretend you understand if you don’t, it’s better to be honest!
Lisa McGowan, LTL Speech Therapy